I edit an online digital archive of Vancouver Island, viHistory. I created a website about the history of education in British Columbia, The Homeroom. Some other websites about Victoria and Nanaimo are linked here.


Common Bonds, my book on the history of Greater Vancouver Community [GVC] Credit Union, was published in 2015. The book is described here. Previous books dealt with the history of Ladysmith and District Credit Union (2014) and Nanaimo Credit Union (now part of Coastal Community Credit Union).

I have also written books on the history of education in BC, the ranching frontier in Alberta, and British gentlemen emigrants in Canada.


I'm interested in geographical information systems [GIS] and urban history. One of my essays, co-authored with colleagues, deals with wageworkers in 19th century Victoria. It was published in 2013. You can read it here. Other recent essays deal with the history of the child emigrants, census records, and the sex trade, of all things! You can read them here.

Miscellaneous items

These include a research note on the most popular names for boys and girls in British Columbia in the twentieth century. Miscelleous pieces about public art, British child migrants on Vancouver Island, and other topics are posted here.

Current public history projects

I'm serving on a City of Victoria advisory committee for the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood and updating the Burnside Gorge Community Heritage Project.